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Then and now

Choose your favourite Johnston Collection photographs and recreate them in the modern day with our "Then & now" feature. Your photo will be archived and displayed alongside the original as a permanent record of the changing times. After all, today is tomorrow's past.

If you would like to take part then simply find the photo you want to recreate using the search page, then click on the "Recreate photo" button beneath it.

JN35532B161This is my granddad's uncle Swanny. Him and my great granddad were in the same bird club in 1914 whe ...
JN21584B015We chose this photograph as many children from Pulteneytown Academy School walk this way everyday.
JN21725B016My sister Beth loves horses and there are two men and a girl in the photo, just like me, my brother ...
JN20143B001The children in P5, P6 and P7 brought in their pets to school. We had great fun organsing the dogs b ...
JN48892P247This is our football team.
JN24119B033Jimmy Sutherland (1913-1951) my Great Uncle was the last Meal Miller of the Whaligoe Mill. My Granny ...
JN23250B028Forss Mill.
JN22171B018Shebster vicarage and church.
JN20782B005This is Thurso's Library, but was once Miller Academy (my school). I go to the library every weekend ...
JN21835B017I go to Pulteneytown Academy and it was interesting to think that this used to be the old Academy Sc ...
JN20699B006I loved the picture of the horse and cart then the photo of today with the cars parked in the street ...
JN25026B042Our recreation of the photograph.
JN20664B006We chose this photo as we wanted one that needed a few people in it. It is also not far from our sch ...
JN00053S001We live on a farm, my Dad is a shepard and I like to help him with the sheep.
JN48581P244I look a bit like the girl in the photo and I love ponies.
JN00410P004My sister and I.
JN24392B035The children thought it would be fun to have a photograph of the South School staff, just like the o ...
JN00067S001Wick High Street.
JN20381B004Sandside Harbour, Reay.
JN20620B006Our recreation of this photograph.
JN20136B001This photo was taken in July 2010 almost exactly 100 years on from the original photo.
JN21760B016Photo taken in July 2010, almost exactly 100 years on from the Johnston photo.

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