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Index number : JN24531B036

Decade: 1940 - 1949 Location: Wick

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A bride with L plates in the Wick Market Square, possibly staff from the John O'Groat Laundry.

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This is indeed a picture of a bride to be from the Wick Laundry. The bridesmaid on the right of the picture (the bride's left) is my Aunt, Marnie Banks. Marnie worked in the Laundry throughout the War years and, although it was long hours and very hard work, the girls all had a strong bond. The lady on the far left of the picture with the cardigan and white blouse is Mary MacAllan (Webster). Mary married Jockie MacAllan and a few days after their marriage he was called away to fight. She never saw him again.
Marnie and her two sisters, Peggy Banks and Bessie Banks all married servicemen based at the airport and led long and happy married lives.

Posted by Margaret Shearer at 06:11:09 on 17/02/2017Report comment

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