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Index number : JN20958B008

Decade: 1860 - 1869 Location: Wick

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East Bridge Street, Wick
Now (2017) Key Store and Post Office, centre of picture in top hat Mr D Gunn, his son in white apron at shop door, man in long white apron on left is J Wares , saddler.

James WARES (1842-1899), who is identified as the man with the beard in the long white apron standing by the wall in the comment above, was the second child of William WARES (or WARSE, 1771-1853) -- a dealer in wine and spirits in Wick -- and his wife Helen COUPER Wares (1768-1858). James was (presumably) apprenticed to, and subsequently inherited the saddlery business from, his uncle Alexander's WARES' wife's father, James DALLAS (1791-1874). Alexander WARES had married Margaret DALLAS in Wick in 1837. The name Dallas continues to be passed down in the family to this day in Australia, where it is currently the first name of one of James WARES' great-granddaughters.

Thanks to Neil Wares for the following contribution:-

"To correct this info as relationships muddled; Helen Couper would have been the UK's eldest birth mother with the info given!

"William Warse (1770-1853)and Helen Couper (1768-1858)were married in Wick in 1792 and had 7 children, the second son being Alexander (1805-1872). Alexander Warse married Margaret Macpherson Dallas and had 8 children, 2 of their 7 sons (3 lived to adulthood) were James (1842-1899) and Alexander (1848-1933). Margaret Dallas was the daughter of James Dallas (1791-1874) a saddler from Inverness. James was the saddler in the photo, Alex( my great grandfather) had the Star Inn, Breadalbane Terrace; Donald(1845-1927) was also a vintner? in the Crown Inn , Wick.

See also JN09709P077 for a family photo of James Wares."

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I noticed this photo come up again as cover on Harry's book and mentioned in your Facebook site.
I know I wrote a few years back asking who added the description as I have different data.
James Wares (my 2c4R)born 1842 in Wick was a son of Alex Wares and Margaret Dallas.
His birth, marriage and death all confirm this. I have copy.
Yes Alex Wares had a brother William. William married Jean Cormack who died 1842 and had they 3 sons.

Happy to help . Tricia g'granddaughter of late James Johnston Photographer

Posted by Tricia More Barnett at 19:26:46 on 13/08/2017Report comment

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